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Posted on Thu, Jan 2, 2014

describe the imageAfter watching the great TED Talk by Sally Kohn: Lets try emotional correctness (Click here for the link), a few things struck me.  

1) That she works for FOX News!

2) The emotional rollercoaster she must experience on a daily basis, and

3) How unsatisfying her choice of language is in using the term "emotional correctness."  

The discourse between the left and the right around "political correctness" obscures the reality of important issues that impact us all (race, gender, religion, etc.).  Her argument around the value of truly hearing others and having compassion is impossible to argue against.  However the use of the term "emotional correctness" may actually impede its acceptance.

For those on the political right to adopt the term "emotional correctness" would mean they could accept that the concept that any type "correctness" has validity.  This seems doubtful.  

The Collins English Dictionary Online defines Emotional Correctness as, "Pressure on an individual to be seen to feel the same emotion as others." 

This definition suggests prescriptive experiencing of the world.  The experience that Ms. Kohn describes is to make sense of and understand others, not necessarily to feel the same emotion as others.  There is a big difference here.

I very much appreciate her TED Talk and the courage it must take for her to go to work every day.  To me the key to the talk is how we treat others.  Lets all do a better job of listening with compassion and an open heart ... and leave the politics behind.

Jeff Ross, MA RCC

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Jeff is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and sees clients in Vancouver (Yaletown) and North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  He supports individuals with such issues as depression, anxiety, stress management, relationship issues, grief and bereavement, career and educational issues as well as growth and development.  In addition he also does couples counselling / marriage counselling.

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