• Are you frequently not seeing eye-to-eye with your partner?
  • Do the two of you feel stuck in familiar patterns of arguing, avoiding or both?
  • Is the negativity from your relationship affecting your health, energy, spirit, concentration, or sense of self?
  • Are the two of you going to make it?

Resonate Wellness specializes in helping couples become “unstuck.”  We work with you with the aim of developing a relationship that brings the kind of love and togetherness that you long for and deserve.

There are a lot of different reasons why people come for couples counselling.  Some of the more common themes include: a lack of connection and intimacy; a back and forth of negativity related to criticism and blame and the responses of defensiveness or escape; issues related to trust (infidelity, betrayal, jealousy); communication challenges (brick walls or volcanic eruptions).

At Resonate Wellness, our job is to help make sense of your difficulties and create healthier, happier and more intimate ways for you to be with one another.

When is the right time to come for couples counselling?

The best time to come for couples counselling is when you know you need help. Sometimes we try to fool ourselves into thinking that the problem will go away on its own or that it really isn’t that big of a deal. Until it happens again, and again. Like any root problem, the earlier it is acknowledged and addressed, the better the likely prognosis for success.

One of the hardest parts for couples can be agreeing to take the first step towards seeing a therapist. Many questions arise: Do we really need it? How can it help? How does it work? At Resonate Wellness we appreciate the courage it takes to seek support and want to answer any and all questions you may have about the work that we do in couples therapy.

What to expect

Your first meeting with the counsellor involves both people in the relationship, and lasts 80 minutes. This is followed by a one-on-one, 50 minute meeting between each individual and your counsellor. You will also be asked to complete a series of assessments that can help gauge the relative strengths and weaknesses inherent in your relationship. The counsellor’s task is to help you describe your concerns so that the type of assistance that is most appropriate for you can be recommended. Then, you begin the process of Couples Counselling. You have options related to how frequently you meet as well as the duration of the visits. As part of the overall therapeutic process, individual and group homework will be assigned regularly.

Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee

Research demonstrates that the therapeutic alliance between the counesllor and client is pivotal for the therapy to be successful.  Click on our Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee to learn more about how you can have faith in our process.  If you are not satisfied with any session you receive at Resonate Wellness, you do not have to pay.  End of story.  We believe in the quality of the service we bring to the community and will stand behind it 100%, regardless if it is your first session or any subsequent visit.

Free 15-minute consultation

If you are interested in finding out whether Couple’s Counselling with Resonate Wellness will be a good fit for you, please contact us to find out more.  You can call our line at (604) 614 -7177, or simply submit your confidential email address and phone number as well as good time to contact you and we will get back to you quickly (within 24 hours at the latest).  Please let us know whether we may leave a voice mail recording for you.

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