• Are you seeing your life clearly?
  • Do you feel physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted?
  • Are you experiencing increased impatience, forgetfulness, poor concentration, moodiness, fatigue, sadness, pessimism, anxiousness, frustration, headaches, shoulder / back / neck pain, poor sleep?
  • Are you ready to take the next step toward a more meaningful life?

One of the most difficult elements of the therapy process can be taking the initial first step.  Reaching out and asking for help can feel like admitting weakness. Simply coming in contact with the thought of being weak can cascade into feelings of unworthiness and shame.  For some people the stronger they experience feelings of unworthiness and weakness, the less likely they are to act on making positive change.  It can all feel like too much.

At Resonate Wellness we honour the courage people demonstrate in choosing to seek support to overcome life’s challenges.  Our mission is to assist you in the process of moving from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

Who comes for counselling?

  • People who are feeling “stuck.”
  • Individuals going through significant emotional distress.
  • People managing significant challenges, changes, and transitions.
  • Growth-oriented individuals interested in living more fully, genuinely, and joyfully.

What type of counselling do we do?

We provide one-on-one counselling for the following issues:

  • Mood and Depressive Disorders, Isolation
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Stress, Feeling Overwhelmed, and Professional Burnout
  • Identity and Self-Acceptance
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Transitions / Change (Career, Separation / Divorce, Marriage, etc.)
  • Anger and Anger Management
  • Personal Growth
  • Spirituality
  • Educational Improvement (University / College Student Success)

What to expect

Your initial session will focus on three key components.  We will discuss the challenges you are experiencing, the changes you would like to make, and researched-based treatment options.

Ongoing therapy sessions will be guided by your needs and goals.  Our experienced therapists will continually check in with you to ensure that together we are heading in the right direction.  Often times, homework and/or journaling will be a vital component of the overall process of therapy.

Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee

When you come for one-on-one counselling, our Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee provides you with the security of knowing you will be receiving value.  If you are not satisfied with any session you receive at Resonate Wellness, you do not have to pay.  End of story.  We believe in the quality of the service we bring to the community and will stand behind it 100%, regardless if it is your first session or any subsequent visit.

For more details click on Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee.

Free 15-minute consultation

If you are interested in finding out whether one-on-one counselling with Resonate Wellness will be a good fit for you, please contact us to find out more.  You can call our line at (604) 614 -7177, or simply submit your confidential email address and phone number as well as good time to contact you and we will get back to you quickly (within 24 hours at the latest).  Please let us know whether we may leave a voice mail recording for you.

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