Presentations and Training

Resonate Wellness offers a variety of prepared and on-demand presentations and training for you organization.

Our presentations and training options are always created with specific learning objectives in mind.  We conistently receive extremely positive feedback that our classes are informative, interactive, and fun.  We have a variety of titles and themes to choose from, including:

The “Thriving” Series

“Thriving: Shifting from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed” (1, 2, and 4 hour options available).

- For Working Parents

- For New Parents

- For Couples

- For People Going through Significant Change

- For People Experiencing Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed

Others Presentations include:

My wife has postpartum depression – What do I do now?

Developing Sustainable Motivation

Meditation for Beginners

Managing Depression at Work

Managing Anxiety at Work

Contact Resonate Wellness to arrange training or a presentation with your organization.