The Stretched Parent

If the temperature of the bath rises 1 degree every 10 minutes, how will the bather know when to scream? – Marshall McLuhan.

    • Do you ever look ahead with dread to your “second shift” of dinner, household chores, managing finances, and taking care of the children?
    • Do you feel like you are constantly on the go, yet never accomplish everything that needs to get done?
    • Do you say “not now” to your kids more than you would like?
    • Do you want to get off the uncontrollable roller coaster and experience true fulfillment, lead a happier life and provide positive support for those you care for?

Between work and the “second shift” at home, there are ever-increasing pressures on families to do more with less.  We commonly hear from parents how they feel exhausted, stretched, forgetful, vacant, and a host of other negative experiences. Like so many successful people, their answer to a challenge is to buckle down and work harder. But we all have limits and when we push ourselves too hard for too long, bad things can happen. Luckily stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, illness, and joylessness do not have to be your reality.  It is our mission to help you make the change!

At Resonate Wellness we believe that life should be enjoyed, not endured.

We can help bring focus to your life so that you can be at your best for yourself and your family, before you reach a crisis point. Whether your goal is to renew your energy, reclaim your ability to cope with everyday situations, or find the joy in life again – it is possible to live better.  


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Feel good about the possibilities life has to offer.

Our team of gifted and caring Registered Clinical Counsellors will assist you to reconnect to the people, goals and values that mean the most to you.  With this renewed capacity, you will find yourself looking forward to each day, spending time with your family and friends and meeting each new challenge head on with confidence and certainty.

We help people get “unstuck” and awaken with a renewed sense of confidence, passion, and perspective.

And with our Every Session Satisfaction Guarantee you have an added level of security.If you are not satisfied with any session you receive at Resonate Wellness, you do not have to pay.  End of story.  We believe in the quality of the service we bring to the community and will stand behind it 100%, regardless if it is your first session or any subsequent visit.